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Here's what the SEO Audit Includes:

MarketStra's Proven Key Process

We go over the eight pillars of Search Engine Optimization and implement them into your business to show you how it will bring you increase on your local rankings. Over the years we have redefine this approach and this is what makes us different from other SEO Agencies. *Backlinks are outdated!

MarketStra LLC focuses on high level research to get your business ranking on page #1.

OnPage Overview

OnPage is an essential first step that prompts Google to rank your page for your ideal service. Taking this step ensures that Google ranks you based on your desired keyword. Before AI was implemented into Google's algorithm, it was common for a page to rank with more than ten great keywords... Sadly those days are over!

In other words, Google now limits the targeting keywords to one keyword per page. Sounds restrictive but works in your favor as it allow to focus on a granular and detailed targeting level.

Conversion Improvements

As mentioned above, OnPage is a significant first step to obtain your page ranking according to your service keyword. Well, conversions are the last step in the process but the most important in Google's eyes. Google as a company is looking to bring the best contractor to homeowners in any local area. Therefore, their artificial intelligence focuses on both user experience and conversion rate optimization.

Building a page and writing content is not solely about optimization for design, but rather optimizing how the homeowner or user makes decision.

As a result, we will implement our conversion and marketing approach in your pages... allowing you to focus on getting more leads.

Rank #1 in Your City, Get More Site Visitors, & Increase Conversions

The most important step is to receive a complete keyword search by looking into several platforms. FREE platforms include Google Search Console and PAID platforms include SEMRush or Ahrefs.

Find Out Where You Stand within your City & You Competition

We use an advanced approach to analyze which keywords your ranking is based on vs your competition.

Get Rankings For Your Services through Different SEO approaches!

Rank for the same service keywords through a different approach.

Increase Your Conversions with High Level CRO Process

We will work towards increasing conversions without making random changes to your website. ALL of our changes and updates are based on data.

Generic vs In-Depth SEO Audit

Want to view how well you are doing with your SEO? Request an audit and get it within 24 hours!

Generic SEO Audit

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Local SEO rankings, analysis & 2020 strategies for Your Google My Business!
MarketStra's proven process for ranking locally!
3 simple steps to get Google to rank you for your desired service keyword!
How to focus on conversions for pages driving traffic wiht little or zero conversion!
Get a FREE Generic Audit
FREE Audits are being offered because we want to help business owners during this unprecedented times.

RECOMMENDED TO:This is for Contractors who are looking for a general overview on their SEO stats and looking to get their first SEO improvements.

In-Depth SEO Audit

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Same as Generic SEO Audit
Detailed Google Search Console analysis for your top 10 ranking pages and keywords!
In depth analysis from your website visitors, all while discovering patterns!
Turn data patterns into Conversions!
Get our conversion system into your pages!
Get a FREE in-depth sEO Audit
FREE Audits are being offered because we want to help business owners during this unprecedented times.

RECOMMENDED TO:This is for Contractors who are looking to received a detailed audit from their SEO efforts. Keep in mind we will need you to share limited access to both your Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

Orange County, CA

I've had the pleasure to work with the owner Carlos for 2 months now. I couldn't be more pleased with the work ethic and communication that Carlos has offered so far in our short business relationship. As we all know communication is the most important part of having a solid business relationship. Carlos and his team are a 5-star company across the board! If you are looking for a company to take your business to the next level, then look no further. I highly recommend Carlos and his team!!

- Jarod

Building Long-term Relationships

Orange County, CA

Carlos has done a phenomenal job with the SEO for my construction company. We have seen a large uptick in clicks and phone calls to the office since Carlos has started working on my SEO. Carlos has provide me with weekly updates via email videos. I am very impressed with his professionalism and intelligence with his work. I continue to work with Carlos and I am looking forward to a lot of success.

- Jeffrey

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to update the design of the page but not sure where to start!

We are more than happy to give you some of the basic tools to get started on how to update your website's theme.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, MarketStra LLC offers guarantees.

Do you have any special price packages?

No, we do not have any special price packages. But our 4 packages are completely customized and flexible to fit your budget and your goals with SEO.

Do you have any case studies?

Yes, we do. Please reach out to us to email you the case studies.

We already work with a marketing company and not want to deal with an additional marketing company!

Totally understand! We will not take over your marketing tasks. We only provide SEO services and we are experts at it. Our job is to get your page rank #1, increase website visitors and increase conversions.

Where do you offer SEO Services?

We offer SEO services in Southern California area. We are based in Orange County and do business in Ventura County, San Diego County and LA County.

If no special are offered, why offer FREE SEO Audits?

The reason we offering SEO Audits is to help contractors get started with basic SEO if they have never done any SEO. OR businesses that had to let go of their marketing agency due to the pandemic, we are more than happy to give them SEO guidance.

Do you offer link building?

Yes, we do! But link building is no longer necessary to rank your website. We have a completely new approach.