What is Google My Business SEO Listing?

Google My Business (GMB) SEO is a listing provided directly by Google to show your business in both the Google Search (SERP) and Google Map rankings. It is a free tool that is going to allow you to increase your local rankings visibility and a great first step to build a solid local SEO foundation.

If you are going to be using Google My Business SEO make sure the listing is accurate through the use of keywords. We have a downloadable version for you to consume the information and apply it directly to your GMB listing(s).

Here's what our PDF downloadable version includes: How to Claim and Verify your listing, how to provide accurate and up to date information, select the correct categories and following the same Name, Phone, Address for all your local listings, consistently add photos and videos to your GMB profile, leverage the use of Google Post the same way you use social media, and monitor your performance to know what is working for your GMB profile.

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Downloadable PDF Version: Download your Google My Business SEO Guide

This downloadable version will help you use the most up to date strategies to become more visible on Google Search and Google Maps.

What are the Benefits of Using Google My Business?

Increase You Local Visibility
Show up on Google Search and Google Maps when customers search for your business and services or products you offer.
Engage With YourCustomers
Control Your GMB Listing
Create and verify your GMB Listing to update your business' information such as Name, Address, Phone, website, and more.
Request Five Star Reviews
Showcase Your Expertise
Respond to your five star reviews from your happy clients and continue to improve your online reputation to attract more customers.
Post on your GMB listing the same way you post on social media to show that you are an active business on Google.
Display your expertise through the use of photos and videos. This will give your customers an idea of the quality of service or products you offer.

The twelve- and six-month contracts no longer fit today's marketplace due to the fast market changes. Here's what you will experience with a twelve-month contract:

  • Not a clear SEO scope of work
  • Over 2+ months to complete seo research
  • Over 3+ month to get updates on SEO efforts

What you need is flexibility to be able to react along with the state of the market.

How to Create a Google My Business Account?

  • Sign in to by visiting www.google.com/business and sign in to manage or create your listing
  • Type in your business name to see if your business is already listed. If it isn't, create it by adding the Business Name, Phone, Address, and Primary Categories.
  • You are half way there! Pick a verification method either by mail or phone.

Optimize Your Google My Business to improve your local rankings!

Optimizing your Google My Business listing will improve your local search rankings. We will be covering the most important optimization strategies that you can implement on your business today. Ensure that your business information is correct, follow the NAP approach, which is basically means to use the same business name, address, and phone number across all of the different listing on the web. By doing this, Google will increase your local authority.

Stick with the correct appropriate primary and secondary category, by not doing so, you are limiting Google Maps to not show you your listing to the right audience. You can also click the circle below so you can watch a quick 30 second video explaining you the importance of optimizing your Google My Business listing.

Photos and Videos to Improve Your Local Rankings

By adding your high quality photos and videos to your Google My Business listing, it will showcase the reality of your services and products. By doing this you are visually appealing your future customers to work with you.

Here's the type of photos and video to include: Exterior, interior, product, service, team, and event photos. You may use whatever is most applicable. Any video and photos will help you show case your work, however, ensure the resolution and lighting of the photos are great.

Most Important Google My Business KPIs

The most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Google My Business are the search queries, the discovery and direct searches, and the customers actions.

The search queries will show you which keywords that you are using across your GMB listing is helping you rank the most. While the Discovery searches is when users are searching for specific services and your business shows up. Direct searches is when users directly type your business name on Google.

The features that we like the most is the performance break down, which I will be sharing with you in more details.

Factors that Determine Your Google My Business SEO rankings

There are several factors that determines your Google My Business SEO rankings. Starting with the relevancy in your current market needs, in other words there needs to be a demand of the services that you offer.

The distance is a big factor that Google goes by when deciding when to rank your business for Google Maps. That's why it is important to stick with using the same name, phone, and physical address.

Another important factor is your website and the on page SEO. Your website has to be well optimized with relevant content and frequently asked questions your audience is searching for answers to. For more information, click on the play button as we explain more in detail about the additional ranking factors.

*Please note the duration of each phase is highly dependent upon the size of your website, number of content writing projects, and links available.

How to Streamline the Usage of GMB on Your Day to Day?

Streamlining your GMB day to day operations is mouthful and it will take time to build a strategy that you feel comfortable following. If you want to spend the least amount of time on Google My Business, we recommend you to use leverage the Google Post, answering to your five star reviews, and assign roles to your team members.

In other words, use Google My Business the same way you use social media when it comes to posting. For time purposes, just the content you are publishing on your social media and paste it over to Google post.

Available Google My Business SEO Services: Schedule Your Free Traffic Projection Report to find out your website's potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I do SEO on Google My Business?

Yes, you can do SEO on your Google My Business Listing. Just make sure to follow the steps we talked about above to be able to optimize your profile.

How much does Google My Business SEO Cost?

Google My Business is a free tool you can use at no cost. So be sure to avoid paying any fees to getting your listing verified or created. However, if you need help setting it up we can definitely take care of the entire implementation for $525. We will set up your Google My Business SEO to start driving leads in your local town. Here's some of the results you might experience.

How do I list my business on Google SEO?

The first step to building an SEO foundation is to create and verify all of your local listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The second step is to use the same Business Name, Phone Number, and Physical address. This is going to help Google SEO build a local authority for your business. For general Google SEO, we recommend you to schedule a Free Traffic Website potential.

Do Google My Business reviews help SEO?

Yes, it does help with your SEO since your business authority will become more credible both from Google and your target audience.