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2 Ways to Forecast Your SEO Potential Growth

Oct 27, 2023

Forecasting organic traffic for a site can be one of the most complex tasks to do. Luckily, there are many tools out there analyzing raw data but unfortunately that is not enough. Being able to forecast a website’s SEO potential takes more than simply understanding the need of writing more articles and aiming to rank for low competitive keywords.   

At the end of the day, it is crucial to understand that forecasting organic traffic is only an estimation of past stats based on your site (aiming to drive more organic traffic) and the site’s competitor. 

We're writing about forecasting SEO potential not to promote the tool we use, but to let you know that once an SEO traffic projection has been completed, there is one missing element. The missing step is to simply take your current site’s conversion and average order value, and run some quick math calculations.

Important note: Based on our client’s interaction we have created three phases that will easily help you pinpoint your current SEO marketing stage.

What SEO Phase is Your Website in?

Starting Out: This means you’re completely new to SEO. You’re interested in starting out from the ground up, and by getting a forecast SEO potential is extremely valuable as you will save yourself from trial and error.  

Optimizing: During the optimization phase, you’re simply enhancing your current web pages by making basic SEO improvements and implementing foundational SEO practices.

Maximizing: In the maximizing phase, this means your business is generating consistent traffic, but you’ve reached a plateau. You’re unsure how to drive additional organic traffic. In essence, you’re ready to focus on the total addressable market, looking to drive even more traffic to your site.

Why is Forecasting SEO Potential for Websites Important?

Struggling to figure out if SEO is going to bring you any more business or will it be a waste of time. What kind of growth can I expect and how to correctly forecast the SEO traffic into real potential revenue. In essence, your goal for your website is to drive more sales. 

What Forecasting SEO Potential?

Forecasting SEO potential is a report done by our SEO experts to provide you with a 12 month growth potential. The main variable we use to create an SEO traffic projection is “keywords.” By analyzing your site’s ranking keywords vs the competitor’s keywords were able to create a forecast growth. 

Knowing these two additional variables are valuable as it is only going to enhance the strength of your SEO forecast: know your current conversion percentage and current average order value. 

2 Ways to Forecast Your SEO Potential Growth

Let’s face it, it’s not about doing SEO improvements on your site. As a business owner what you’re looking for is results translated into revenue. Forget the increase of organic keywords, let’s focus on the sales conversion percentage and the average order value to really translate this top line revenue. These are the two ways we go about doing the forecast SEO potential. 

1. Keyword Forecasting

Keyword forecasting is done using one our favorite tools. By taking the historical data of the site rankings, and individually taking a keyword’s growth month over month we are able to create an estimated forecast.

These are the variables we use: organic traffic, conversion rate, lead to sale rate, and revenue.  Here’s an example:

2. Competitor Research

By analyzing your top three competitors, the goal is to find new and strategic organic keywords to rank for. Analyzing the competitor allows for a much wider list of keywords to rank for. The same example above could be applied here. By finding “new” keywords your potential revenue income would increase, see example below:

Requesting Our SEO Experts for a Free "Forecast SEO Potential" Report

Determining the forecast SEO potential of your website is going to help you make a better marketing decision. The forecast SEO ensures you won’t be left guessing about your site’s potential; you’ll get a clear vision of anticipated ranking boosts.. No more waiting for half a year or more to see results - you can make an informed decision and adjust your marketing strategies with confidence.

Complete Hands Off Analysis

Complete hands off SEO forecast analysis, all you need to do is complete the form and include your top 3 competitors. Our SEO experts will do the rest. This is a zero commitment to move forward with the project, knowing the potential ROI by implementing legit SEO work it great to quantify the forecast seo potential into revenue.

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